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Released July 4, 2018

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Home Live Guide roPlay

Broadcaster Resources
Manage your presence on roTV


Adding a new channel to roTV

Approved broadcast platforms

Updating channel stream data

Updating channel logos

Why may changes in your channel’s channel number occur?

Channel statuses



Homepage advertising

Featured Channel

Suggested channels

Submitting listings data for the Guide


roPlay overview

Should you launch an on-demand service through roPlay?

roPlay eligibility requirements

Adding your on-demand channel to roPlay

Updating your content selection on roPlay


Incorporating the roTV brand into your channel’s content

roTV brand guidelines

roTV brand materials


Suggesting improvements for this section

Suggesting improvements for roTV

Welcome to the Broadcaster Resources section. Here you can learn all the things you need to do to manage your channel or group of channels on roTV, as well as other topics of interest to broadcasters. If you feel something should be added to this section, please consult the “Suggesting improvements for this section” article.