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Released July 4, 2018

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roTV brand materials

Updated 1:59am 8/19/2017

Below are all the required roTV brand materials needed to integrate the roTV brand into your content. Please note that due to the scale of roTV, prebuilt brand items are not offered by default; please contact the RTNG directly (through a Primary Member or through @watchroTV on Twitter) if you would like us to pre-construct content for your channel.

RoTV Logo

PNG downloads:

roTV logo, white                       roTV logo, black                       roTV logo, flat

RoPlay Logo

PNG downloads:

roPlay logo, white                    roPlay logo, black

RoTV ident

7 seconds, 1920x1080 high-definition

MP4 download (preview below)

Please note you may have to click a “save as” or “download” option in your browser to save these materials to your computer for use.

License to use the above content

The Roblox Television Networks Group (“RTNG”, “we”, “us”, “our”) grants you a limited license to use the above content (collectively the “Brand Materials”) for the sole purpose of advertising the roTV service (“roTV” or the “Service”) or advertising the availability of your content on the roTV service. No copyright or manner of ownership is implied or expressly being transferred to you through your usage of the Brand Materials, and you are prohibited from claiming any ownership of the Brand Materials. Additionally, you are prohibited from using these Brand Materials for anything other than advertising the Service or your content’s availability on the Service. If you violate the terms of the agreement, the RTNG reserves every right to pursue action against you at the RTNG’s discretion.