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Adding your content offering to roPlay

Updated 3:35pm 3/2/2019

To add your on-demand content offering to roPlay, please first ensure it meets our existing roPlay eligibility requirements. After that, please contact a Primary Member of the Roblox Television Networks Group or send a direct message to @watchroTV on Twitter to inquire about starting an on-demand channel through roPlay. Please give us a name for the service and a logo, especially if they are different from your existing data for the channel in the Live section. Next, inform us about what content you’d like to make available through your roPlay channel; direct us to where your desired content is, and specify any exceptions or exclusions, if needed. Ideally, make sure this content is available for us prior to your conversation with us, to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Please note that additions to roPlay, like additions to other parts of the roTV service, are handled manually, so please allow time for the service to update. Your new roPlay channel will either appear as an update of its own or as part of a larger update to the service as a whole.