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roTV brand guidelines

Updated 4:59pm 3/2/2019

The following are guidelines for using the roTV brand in promotional content and other services.
All elements listed here are available as pre-produced content by the RTNG upon request.

When writing the roTV name, we prefer that the “ro” is in lowercase (“roTV”, “roPlay”). If a spell-check utility capitalizes the name at the beginning of a sentence (“RoTV”, “RoPlay”), this is acceptable in this specific instance. Forms such as “ROTV”, “rotv”, “Rotv”, and “ROtv” are unacceptable. Additionally, please do not try to imitate the design of the roTV logo in text (“ro[]tv”); please only reproduce the roTV logo from the provided imagery available on the roTV brand materials page.

Channel availability notation
There are three proper ways to note your channel’s channel number on roTV, presented below using RTN1 (channel 105) as an example:

available on

Channel 105

Exclusive, long version

Available on
Channel 105

Non-exclusive, long version

ro[]tv 105

Short version

The long version of the notation features a larger roTV logo in the middle of centered text, with the text and the roTV logo roughly the same width (although the roTV logo can be slightly larger than the text). This version is useful for when there’s more space in your composition or when roTV is the only provider shown in your piece.

The short version of the lockup features the roTV logo at text level next to the appropriate channel number. This offers proper attribution, with the roTV logo, in a minimal amount of space. This version is ideal for when you’re listing off your channel’s availability on several providers or in smaller pieces where space is constrained or less available.

In text-only circumstances, the usual phrase “roTV channel” followed by the channel number (in this example, “roTV channel 105”) will suffice, if it is not possible to use any graphical elements (such as in a text-entry field). When mentioning roPlay, use a similar long version, only changing the appropriate logo and removing the channel number.

All three variants use Interstate Light as the font for the text elements, with no special spacing applied. This is our preferred presentation for the notation, as it aligns with the roTV brand. If necessary to fit in with your brand, you may replace Interstate Light with the font used for your channel, however we don’t recommend it.

It’s preferred that the roTV channel availability setup appears in white or black, depending on the background but, if needed to fit the rest of the materials, any solid color will do, so long as it has enough contrast so that it does not fade into the background or become overly hard to read. Below are some examples using the roTV brand color palette.






When tagging on a clip advertising the availability of your channel on roTV, use the provided roTV ident available on our brand materials page. Here is an example of how one can be filled out (and how the RTNG template will look, if you request your clip from us), using the example for RTN1 as seen previously.

Additional information
If you need additional information, or more customized support on integrating the roTV brand into your channel’s output, please contact a Primary Member of the Roblox Television Networks Group or send a direct message to @watchroTV on Twitter.