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Why may changes in your channel’s channel number occur?

Updated 3:07am 7/5/2017

As a premium television service, it is necessary for us to keep the service neat and organized, as necessary and when possible. There may be an instance in which a channel or a number of channels close, leading to gaps or holes in the channel list. Or, perhaps a channel has changed its name, format, or ownership, and now causes a discrepancy in the order of that company’s channels or the group of channels around it. In another case, roTV may be planning a larger reorganization of the EPG, not triggered by closures or other changes. (In this case, you may have to consent to the move of your channel.)

In these and other cases, roTV reserves the right to move your channel to a different position in our channel list to better organize the list or to reflect such changes in ownership or format.

Channel number changes will generally be reflected in roTV announcements (such as service changes) and in the Live section of the service.