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Approved broadcast platforms

Updated 11:14pm 2/14/2019

As of the date listed above, the following is the current list of broadcasting and streaming platforms supported by the roTV premium television service:

Please note that there are certain restrictions on certain broadcast platforms in order to maintain the integrity of the roTV service. Broadcast platforms listed above that are marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be used for video game streaming.

Due to their non-linear formatting, video hosting services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are not eligible for carriage on roTV. However, YouTube-based production companies looking to offer their content on the roTV platform can opt to use Viloud to offer a selection of their content as a linear channel.

If you use a broadcast platform other than the ones listed above and are not sure if your channel is eligible for carriage on roTV, please contact a primary member of the Roblox Television Networks Group or @watchroTV on Twitter for further information.