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Should you launch a content offering through roPlay?

Updated 3:21pm 3/2/2019

Launching an on-demand component to your existing linear channel on roPlay is a way to add value and offer viewers more choice using your existing content. However, launching an on-demand service through roPlay also adds additional management overhead you should be aware of prior to launching an on-demand offering.

First, you should understand that maintenance of your on-demand offering will be your responsibility, not roTV’s. You’re responsible for determining what content gets posted and how long it stays available if you decide to take it down in the future. You should also make sure you’re eligible for roPlay availability before moving further.

Next, there are certain things you should make clear prior to starting an on-demand service. If your on-demand service has a distinct brand compared to your linear channel, design that brand and clarify the distinctions prior to talking with us about starting your on-demand service.

Finally, make sure your content is ready to be made available on-demand – ensure the relevant on-demand backend has been created to your preference prior to talking with us about content. It will make things easier when we’re adding your content to our platform.

In the end, launching an on-demand service through roPlay is largely your decision – if you’re eligible and think you can handle the additional overhead on the broadcaster’s side that operating an on-demand service provides, and you think that it will be beneficial for your channel, go ahead and speak with us about starting an on-demand offering for your channel through roPlay.