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Updating your content selection on roPlay

Updated 3:39pm 3/2/2019

You are free to update the content you make available on roPlay as often as you’d like. This includes adding new content to your channel’s on-demand offering as well as removing content as you wish.

As with most of the features requiring maintenance on the roTV platform, roPlay is managed manually, so you need to contact a Primary Member of the Roblox Television Networks Group or send a direct message to @watchroTV on Twitter to discuss with us the specifics of what you’re looking to change.

If you’re adding content, please ensure the new content has already been made available through your existing VOD content route, so it’s quicker and easier for us to find it and add it onto the service.

If you’re removing content, please notify us of what specific content currently available you’d like removed from the service. If you intend to make the content available again later, it may be helpful to let us know so we can keep the content in hiding on the platform until it’s ready to be made available again.

All of this needs to be done manually, so please allow some time for that to happen. It may come as an independent, small tweak, or it may come as part of a larger update to the service.