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Updating channel information

Updated 5:20pm 3/3/2019

At some point, there may be an case in which information about your channel has changed since your initial channel carriage request was submitted. This could be a change in stream URL or a change in broadcast platform, for example, or a cosmetic change such as a new logo. In the event of this, you will have to update this information with roTV in order to ensure that your channel remains available, viewable, and working on the service. To do this, contact a Primary Member of the Roblox Television Networks Group or contact @watchroTV on Twitter for instructions and details about updating your channel information.

Broadcasters who have channels on roTV and also utilize the Robloxian TV Wiki for information about their channels may have their channel information updated automatically in the event of an update to their Wiki article if the relevant information is made available. These automatic updates are at roTV’s discretion and may be bundled into a larger update to the service.

For stream information updates, please remember that your channel must still reside on one of our approved broadcast platforms in order to remain eligible for carriage on the service, and if it has moved outside of an approved broadcast platform, this platform will need to be tested to ensure compatibility with the roTV service. (Video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are ineligible for carriage on roTV.)

For updates to logos or channel branding (such as Viloud splash screens), please allow some time for your new logo to appear on the service. It may be immediate or it may come as part of a larger service update. If we have announced that we’ve updated the service and you do not yet see your channel’s updated logo or branding on the service, try a refresh or a hard refresh of your browser before contacting us. Please also remember that if you are updating your channel logo, we prefer that you submit in the version of your logo which works best on dark or black backgrounds. If we receive a logo in black or which is suited to light backgrounds, we reserve the right to edit your logo to fit with the color scheme used on our platform.