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Released July 4, 2018

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Adding a new channel to roTV

Updated 4:52am 7/4/2017

Adding a new channel to roTV is an exciting and important task. It’s relatively simple to do, too.

To start the process, you must submit a “channel carriage request” to roTV. This can be done in one of two ways: talking with a Primary Member of the Roblox Television Networks Group about carriage of your channel, or through direct-messaging @watchroTV on Twitter to ask about carriage of your channel.

A channel request consists of four pieces of information: your channel’s name, your channel’s logo, your channel’s channel status (more information here), your channel’s stream information (ideally, on one of our approved broadcast platforms), and, if available, listings data for the roTV guide (see here). You may opt to include additional information, such as a description of your channel and/or its content, but this is at your discretion and is not mandatory.

Following submission of your carriage request, your channel will either be accepted onto the platform, and added to the channels list, or rejected from the platform, and not added to the list of channels roTV carries. If your request is rejected, you can resubmit your request with new, altered, or corrected credentials.

Your channel number on roTV will be either immediately after all current channels on the platform, or chosen arbitrarily by the RTNG as part of the addition of a number of new channels to the service at once. Channel numbers cannot be “reserved” for novelty or vanity at this time; however, if your carriage request is accepted but you have not created all the information that needs to be supplied, you may be allowed to add your channel to the service in advance so long as you have the intention to complete your application later.