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Released July 4, 2018

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roPlay eligibility requirements

Updated 9:32pm 7/9/2017

There are certain eligibility requirements which are taken into account when adding a channel’s on-demand selection to the roPlay service.

First, only channels using the Original Livestream broadcast platform are eligible for roPlay at this time. If you are using another broadcast platform and would like to work with roPlay, contact us and we will help assess your situation.

Next, your on-demand library needs to be properly configured prior to our addition of your content, in order for the process to be as smooth as possible. This entails creating a VOD folder or storyboard filled with the content you’d like for us to display, with titles, episode information, descriptions, and ratings listed to our specifications (as you’d see them on the roPlay site).

Lastly, if there is a specific brand you’re using for your on-demand content you’d like for us to honor, please specify such brand and give us the appropriate brand materials when setting up your service.